The body, an essential piece to put in your wardrobe!

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Body blanc

We offer on our site a wide range of bodysuits. What for?

Certainly because this garment, which is not quite an underwear, nor really a " normal " garment is in any case very trendy in the wardrobes of stars as well as Madame Tout-Le-Monde...  !

The body comes out of its shyness and is no longer just the cozy mix between the justo of dancer and the thermolactyl of Granny !

The body like Roman de Luz is downright a chic garment to wear with jeans to go to the office every morning. Perfect cut, details in epaulettes in contrasting color, and cuffs forming a kind of mitt to accentuate the arm line! You can choose it in warm tones, black and brown, or for an evening to wear with a very working-girl suit ; it is also available in white and mustard. Turtleneck model that is essential for mid-season, before being able to go out in a downright summer body! 

For sunny days,  here is the Virginie model: we have the classic body that can be shown in a casual way with sober pants, a skirt well cut for every day in fresh and primeautier tones, green pulling on the khaki, pink / beige as powder ... And... (this is the advantage of the body as a tank top substitute or small dressed top!), with the two-tone black/white version, we touch on the refined night clothing! Neckline cut leaving the upper body and neck, free of fabric, a crossed drape on the chest whose wide straps are gracefully deposited on the shoulders, carnal space to accommodate a jewel or simply naked, nature, illuminating impression of femininity ! With black tuxedo pants, a long skirt as we wear in cocktails... The " red carpet" effect is assured ! You will be like a star in this body of great sobriety but whose appearance is grandiose ! 

In the same spirit, you will find in our collection of bodysuits, the Model Camille. He is candid, black or white plain, very sober for chic attitude. Long sleeves, chest drape, V neckline, to wear " Pretty Woman " way, or downright offbeat to show that we do not take ourselves seriously : " tired " jeans, very flashy or floral colored sneakers! The body can be of all situations, of all events, whether they are VIP or just to go for a walk with the family on weekends !

If you want to wear high the colors and originality of Luz, we finally recommend the Lilou model, in ultra trendy mustard yellow, round neck and shoulders cut for a little air 90', where the garment " above-below ", began to appear !

Let yourself be tempted by the body-mania made Luz Collection !

See you soon...

Luz'ement yours !     

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