Clouds Collection

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After months of work, we have designed and produced a new active wear collection for you. We wanted to offer you freedom, flexibility and lightness.

This Clouds Collection with light and pastel tones will allow you to escape during this new year 2021 which we hope will be more beautiful than 2020.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to take on new challenges, surpass yourself and stay in you !

You will find leggings to practice your yoga or be quiet at home and beautiful braces that ensure good support. In addition, you will find one of our basics the MAX sweatshirt in softer colors to match you with your set.

As always since 2011, our collection has been designed to respect our beautiful planet, so our products are made of recycled material. This material comes from recycled fishing nets. In addition, we manufacture our products in factories in Europe in order to limit imports and therefore pollution.
A small gesture for us but a big one for our planet!

Our models exist in different colors, we let you choose the one you prefer.

Have a nice day luztiques <3

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