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It is with emotion that we present:

Luz x Graceful Movement

Behind The Graceful Movement is Jennifer, a former dancer in New York who is driven by movement.

In these very special times, what could be such as reminding us of the importance of positive and luminous energy. This energy helps us to be more attentive, more aware and concerned about our actions as human beings because we can change our actions positively for the planet and people.

Let us all be beings in motion and keep in our hearts the vitality and power to change things. Movement connects us to the Earth, to life and to others.

One small gesture can influence others. As individuals, we have far more power than we think.

Inspire each other, aiming for a common goal.

Our new Paloma pink sports leggings combine with the India bra of the same color for a total pink look full of vitality! A set is made for all types of sport: fitness, yoga, dance etc.

We hope you enjoy this collaboration!

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