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It's been two years since we participated in Black Friday!
Black Friday creates a frenzy that is not conducive to reasonable consumption.

Nearly 6 out of 10 French people see it as an incentive to buy products they don't need. Overconsume to a strong impact on the planet.
While scientists warn of the need to limit warming to 1.5°C before 2030, restoring healthier consumption bases appears to be a priority.
By supporting Make Friday Green Again, we offer you an alternative to Black Friday by giving you the choice to consume in a healthier way: take the time to analyze our real needs, sort through our closets, repair, resell, systematically recycle what is no longer usable and consume what is necessary and without excess.

Black Friday goes against our brand, our values and our principles conveyed since the creation of LUZ.
As you know, we are a committed brand that has been taking on its ethical and ecological manufacturing process since 2011.

This year, we are supporting the Make Friday Green Again collective.

This is important to us because we are for transparency, diversity, respect for our planet, equality and well-being.
By supporting Make Friday Green Again, we offer you an alternative to Black Friday.

We encourage you to consume in a reasonable and responsible manner while enjoying yourself.
We aspire to have an ecological impact 0 on our dear Planet. Each of you can play a role in preserving the environment; and we agree not to participate in Black Friday.

We've always been transparent with you, and we think it's important to communicate and make you aware of this commitment.

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