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The mask in times of crisis

At Luz, we have chosen to create our own masks against the Covid-19 pandemic we are currently facing.

From now on, a part of our daily lives, whether in business, on public transport or on the street, this barrier mask helps protect others, our most fragile entourage.
Wearing it is a civic gesture.

The cloth mask is not intended for the medical profession or sick people.
It serves to protect against external projections, to avoid contact between the mouth and hands and to reduce the spread of its own bacteria.

It should only be gently removed by the bridles, not be worn on the chin and be changed every three to four hours if possible.

Why choose a reusable cloth mask rather than a single-use mask?

It is obvious to us that the choice of a cloth mask is essential. The disposable mask is the new bête noire of recycling because it is considered a dangerous waste. It must be put in household waste and thus generates an excess of waste. In addition, many people throw their masks in the street where they can inadvertently fall out of a pocket and the urban landscape is soiled. Unfortunately, this overproduction of disposable masks has also reached wildlife who sometimes get stuck with the bridles of disposable masks. The seabed and marine animals are also affected because these masks abandoned by humans are composed of polypropylene, a plastic that decomposes very slowly and generates harmful microplastics already very present in the water. On the other hand, the contact of the disposable mask is not very pleasant on the skin and easily brings problems on it because of the chemicals that compose it.

An eco-responsible mask at Luz

At Luz, we have created a mask in line with our values! Thus, the fabric used first was gotS-labelled organic cotton. It has the same properties as that of all our products because they are actually leftover fabrics from previous collections. It is therefore a responsible material that has allowed us to avoid a surplus of dormant stocks and in the same way an overproduction of new fabrics. From a health point of view, for a cotton worn on the skin it is preferable that it is organic, especially close to sensitive areas such as the nose and mouth. Indeed, it avoids contact with chemical products and dyes present on a conventional cotton. We have launched a second production of masks after the strong demand of our customers, and have thus expanded the range! In addition to new organic cotton colors, we offer econyl masks, perfect for its lightness and flexibility. Of course, we still use our old stocks of fabrics for this material.

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