Charlotte Husson

Charlotte Husson

Charlotte Husson,
and stylist has created two startups

the aim of giving meaning to what doesn't always have any.
Charlotte crossed paths with Mister K, who had ovarian cancer in 2013.
Now in remission, Charlotte is honoring us with a visit
to her Parisian offices.




Charlotte Husson
Charlotte Husson
Charlotte Husson
Charlotte Husson
Charlotte Husson

Charlotte Husson

1) Can you introduce us to Mister K?

K was the code name I gave to my cancer.
In remission for 4 years, it was imperative to regain the time that the disease had stolen from me for 2 years. And it was just as imperative to transform the ordeal into something useful by creating links, sharing and positive energy. Nothing better than to create a committed start-up. Calling my project, my company and then my brands Mister k. and its variations, came to me as a sort of mixture of resilience and a foot in the door after the ordeal.

The company has been in existence for 2 years; I have just joined forces and we are entering the development phase after a successful start-up


We have 2 brands today: the original activity The Fighting Kit, our beauty and well-being boxes, and Mister k. our collection of iconic models with meaningful messages, thought with sincerity, benevolence and commitment. Today, our brand Mister k. is above all a story of resilience, more than just a brand, a project that inspires, instills strength, a brand that resonates, in you, in me, in us, a brand that weaves a tangible link between us and who we are.

Giving meaning to what doesn't always have any, and #sengagerautrement, that's what Mister k. is


A committed brand, because every month we donate 5% of the sales of our collection to the Gustave Roussy hospital for cancer research.

2) How did you start the entrepreneurial adventure?

The blog that I used to run, and still do, was showing an immense need for help and solidarity on the part of patients and their families. And I knew this call well: to remain dignified, pleasant to look at, to find areas of well-being in the middle of treatments, so painful and degrading. The idea of creating and distributing boxes containing products and tips to better resist the shock, came to me as an obvious idea.
So I launched myself. Difficulty but with a great determination and great support.
Difficult because, unfortunately, financial investors and banks do not practice the right to forget. They do not grant credit to someone in remission. But I had assembled a panel of great brands that were very committed to CSR [i.e. social and environmental responsibility] and agreed to contribute to the composition and content of our Fighting Kits. And then I launched a crowd funding campaign on Kiss Kiss Bank which worked out great thanks to over 500 generous contributors. So, I was alone at the beginning to do everything from floor to ceiling, but it was so exciting to receive the first positive feedback.

3) What are your inspirations for Mister K?

The DNA of my 2 brands is resilience, sharing, giving meaning to the struggles against senseless things like life's accidents. We have to find the beauty where it is hidden.
Giving a chance to the tiny joys to slowly invade you. Do good by doing good to yourself. All this only comes if you have a keen eye and your nostrils are constantly fluttering like Mishka, my Golden.
Then the inspiration is born rather from a totally unpredictable alchemy between a music heard while getting up on the right foot, unexpected meetings, a breathtaking landscape, watching people move.
But in general I avoid sniffing out mainstream trends. The people I want to serve need beautiful surprises, not the norms of the times, or so I think... as for our "iconic" messages, the inspiration comes mostly from my personal history, our most famous mantra is "Never Give Up" which perfectly sums up my temperament on a daily basis, and which applies to all stages of life.

4) What are your healthy habits that you would like to share with us?

Cancer teaches us that, to listen to our body and to do good, every 2 months an irrepressible need to air invades me, I leave regularly to recharge my batteries, I have an adoration for the south of France, to go walking for hours in the scrubland or at the seaside with my dog Michka

On a daily basis, I cook a lot, and eat exclusively organic since I am in remission. I advise you to visit the website of my friend Cindy, creator of Curcumabox, who advises a thousand healthy recipes and a lifestyle to "do good where it hurts".

I also love to get drunk on La Guinguette d'Angèle's account. And I dream of going to try the Tipi Valley surf & yoga retreat in the Algarve

5) As a committed woman, what is your mantra?

I have 2 that are completely associated with my deepest feeling and the founding myth of my company.
They are "never give up" and "together stronger". They are much more than advertising slogans. In all modesty, it's something like Obama's "Yes We Can"; a sign of belonging and an impulse to transform reality.

6) An eco-responsible attitude that you like or would like to do?

The one I would like to do: stop smoking!
That's not eco-responsible and downright irresponsible. But I'll get there. Otherwise in my project I am very attentive to the fact that all my partners sincerely practice CSR as I said above, that the whole chain of their production is virtuous and that all my own production, especially textiles, is traceable without destroying value or the environment.
And in my daily life I consume organic.

7) In a few words, can you describe Luz?

Luz is a personal heart story, I worked with them as a stylist during the first collections, and I immediately loved the essence that was emitted.
Claire had convinced me one summer evening to work with her, and the need to make a brand of swimwear, cool, sexy, desirable and responsible, to see your evolution is a great victory, all bets are off, bravo I'm amazed!
Continue to dazzle us ;)

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