Our Eco-friendly approach

Having style while preserving the planet is possible at Luz!

When we started the adventure, we wanted to make things happen because we care about our planet.

As you know, since the beginning we have been committed to reducing our ecological impact.


We want to change the way we consume while giving meaning to what we do.

That's why 1% of our money is donated to an association for the protection of the environment.

But that's not all...

So that our choices are as close as possible to the planet,

we have decided to be completely transparent with you

and to offer you ethical production.


Our manufacturing process is sustainable and responsible, in a few words...

We can affirm the complete traceability of our production in

respecting fair trade.

We only work with ethical workshops where

employees are treated properly and correctly: good

working conditions, decent pay, no forced labour or

child labour.

At Luz, it is important to us to create lasting partnerships.

And to go even further in our approach ...

We use quality materials, ethically sourced and

sustainably produced in certified factories.

These are mainly organic cotton and econyl.

Organic Cotton is an ecological and natural material for our clothes.


From the seed to the harvest of the flower, organic cotton is grown without pesticides

insecticides or chemical fertilizers, and without GMO.

The producers use natural fertilizers and insecticides, which do not harm the surrounding

ecosystems, do not deplete the soil, and are not toxic for

and are non-toxic to the people who work on the production line.

Our cotton is certified by the gots label, world leader in certification for organic textiles.

Econyl is a recycled nylon thread.

Fishing nets represent more than 10% of the waste found in the sea bed.

In order to fight against this environmental disaster, we wanted to use ethical materials.

It is quite naturally that we chose Econyl, a 100% recycled and recyclable yarn.

This yarn has an "infinite" life cycle and aims for zero waste.