Organic Cotton is an ecological and natural material for our clothes.


From seed seed to flower harvest, organic cotton is grown without pesticides,
chemical insecticides or fertilizers, and non-GMO.

Producers use natural fertilizers and insecticides, which do not harm the surrounding ecosystems,
do not deplete soils, and are not toxic to
the men who work on the production line.

Our cotton is certified by the gots label, world leader in certification for organic textiles.

Econyl is recycled nylon yarn.

Fishing nets account for more than 10% of the waste found in the seabed.

In order to fight against this environmental disaster, we wanted to use ethical materials.
It is quite naturally that we chose Econyl,
a 100% recycled and recyclable yarn.
This thread has an "infinite" life cycle and aims for 0 waste.


OEKO-TEX® fabric designed in a healthy, ethical and ecological way


Since we want to always go further in our eco-responsible approach,
our products are also Oeko-tex certified.

This certification tells you that our products are reliably controlled for harmful substances,
it guarantees the non-harmfulness of our products for your health.
The choice of our materials has been carefully considered and it is important to us to use quality materials to satisfy you.

Ethics is the new normal