Two-piece swimsuit

Maillot de bain deux pièces éco responsable

Two-piece and separable swimsuits:

Varied shapes, adapted to your body and responding to your style. Graphic headband, bareback bra or top of swimsuit woman basket to emphasize the curve. As for the bottom of the 2-piece jersey models, the most complicated will be to make a choice! A trikini-style trompe l'oeil panties, a retro swimsuit bottom with links on the sides or colorful simplicity of a more classic swimwear. Rainbow, pastel or ultra chic in black and white, create your beach style with Luz and its exceptional 2-piece swimsuits.

Luz's two-piece women's swimsuits are the guarantee of an inimitable style but also carry important values.

Separable two-piece jerseys to vary styles

Luz offers you a choice of two-piece swimsuits with different shapes and colors. The top and bottom are separated so that you can choose the size that will be best suited to your body and shapes, because few women can boast of wearing the same size at the top and bottom, and that's normal! It also allows you to choose different colors or models and completely adapt the swimsuit you wear to your style, for an original and unique result. But if you prefer to have a similar swimsuit top and bottom, that's possible too, because the vast majority of swimsuit top series have their matching stockings! On the description page of each swimsuit top or bottom, a recommendation will allow you to easily find and retrieve the top or bottom that is meant to go with it.

A multitude of shapes to create an original and unique two-piece swimsuit

We offer you a series of women's swimwear tops with different and original shapes: do you prefer the classic triangle swimsuit top, the simple headband, very design, the ruffled top, for a more sophisticated style, or the sporty swimsuit top crossed on the front? There is only the embarrassment of choice! For the bottom, there too, you are entitled to a selection of original styles, it is up to you to choose according to your preferences: a taste for originality, the more childish style? Why not try the women's swimsuit bottom with ruffles? If you have a preference for the classic, there are also simpler swimwear, with basic or more original models, slightly varying the shapes, or high-waisted swimsuit bottoms, very chic.
You can also have fun with colors: do you prefer a tangy summer, made of bright and energetic colors, or a soft and dreamy summer, with pastel colors? Unless you are rather in love with the chic and sophistication that black and white bring? Luz swimsuits offer you a wide choice of colors in all these shades, and, of course, you can always mix the colors at the top and bottom for a unique result, in accordance with your tastes.

Eco-friendly swimwear

The Luz brand was created with the primary objective of being an eco-friendly and responsible brand, because it is possible to preserve the environment while sublimating women's bodies. The ecological imperative is at the heart of all the brand's creations, from the choice of materials to the sale of products, 1% of Luz's turnover being donated to an association for the protection of the environment.
Two-piece swimsuits are no exception to this goal that is close to our hearts and is our raison d'être. Remember the 93/7, at the base of the manufacturing process: 93, this is the percentage of organic cotton present in the majority of our swimsuits. Grown in Peru and guaranteed without pesticides, chemical fertilizers or GMOs, it respects both the environment and your body. The 7 represents the percentage of elastane chosen to complete the composition of the two-piece swimsuit and create a durable and comfortable garment. This innovative combination of materials is also hypoallergenic, soft to wear and touch.
The lacing of some swimsuits is made using Econyl, a 100% recycled nylon thread, made from fishing nets abandoned at sea. These old fishing nets, although 100% recyclable, represent more than 10% of the waste found in the seabed while it is possible to offer them a second life by producing a new nylon thread thanks to a process that has been developed for this purpose. Our two-piece swimsuits that include nylon are therefore all created with Econyl, to be fully environmentally friendly and contribute to the preservation and cleaning of the seabed. By choosing a two-piece swimsuit that includes this process, you also participate a little in preserving the seas and oceans.

Two-piece swimsuits validated by the GOTS label

The GOTS label (for Global Organic Textile Standard) is a private international label created in 2008 and has become the world reference in organic and organic textiles. All our two-piece swimsuits comply with the standard prescribed by this label: it guarantees the biological source of the fibers used for their manufacture and prohibits the use of substances dangerous to the environment and the body, such as certain solvents, GMOs, heavy metals or dyes containing metals, for example, but also other substances. It also includes social criteria for fair work prescribed by the International Labour Organization. This implies, for the social part, decent working conditions, respecting the rights of employees, prohibiting child labour and prescribing proper remuneration, among other things. The philosophy of the Luz brand chooses from the outset to have its swimsuits made in its workshops in a fair and equitable way, because as an Eco-friendly brand, it chooses to address both social and environmental imperatives. Thus, the production of our two-piece swimsuits respects this standard both on the environmental and ethical side, and the techniques and colors used in the manufacturing, bleaching and dyeing process are in accordance with the standard prescribed by this label.

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