One-piece swimsuit

The trendy and eco-responsible swimsuit!

More than a beachwear, the Luz one-piece swimsuit is a reflection of a chic and ecological beach culture. Elegant shapes, details combining originality "ruffles" and sexy refinement "plunging neckline". The one-piece women's swimsuit or 2-piece swimsuit models are available for all occasions: urban party by the pool, or social evening on a Pacific island!

The Luz one-piece swimsuit

Because fashion aligns with current values, more and more brands are turning to more ethical and planet-friendly manufacturing. Some choose recycled materials, others to produce in small quantities while others use fabric scraps. Different ways of living and thinking about ethical fashion to satisfy all the requirements and lifestyle choices of consumers. With this in mind, Luz has chosen an ethical and responsible range while offering chic and elegant models. A combination to better seduce the woman.
Because it is much more than a swimsuit, because it is not a question of camouflaging its imperfections but of having an ally that embellishes, a friend who accompanies the skin and curves during their summer walks.

Back on the essential of hot sand.

Luz, the lover of women

In 2012, two sisters united by the same passion joined forces to offer a brand of eco-responsible swimwear. Supported by Virignie Courtin Clarins, Luz wants to redefine ethical fashion often unknown to the general public. By proposing ethical and glamorous fashion, Claire and Alix Mougenot show that it is quite possible to respect the planet while keeping modern and trendy models for women in tune with the times.

Because a woman in tune with her time does not have to choose between aesthetics and respect for the planet, Luz swimsuits are designed to use only responsible materials that adapt to the graphic and unique shapes of products that offer ruffles as well as plunging necklines.

A wide range of swimsuits to satisfy all desires and respect all morphologies. A chic and ethical woman for a glamorous holiday.

In symbiosis with nature

The clothes offered by Luz have been designed to be made of eco-responsible materials. The two fabrics used are Econyl and organic cotton. Organic cotton meets precise specifications that prohibit pesticides, chemical fertilizers and GMOs. A need for naturalness to respect the ecological issues of the planet, but also to be able to respect the skin of women and their needs for healthy materials. The cotton used by Luz has the endorsement of the international GOTS label. The latter aims to create a harmonization of international ecological standards to facilitate sales on the world market. Proponents of the label choose to exclude heavy metals, PVC and chemical elements in the process of growing raw materials. Values that allow the creation of a network of reliable and transparent partners for the consumer.

Luz brand jerseys are also made from Econyl. This material still unknown to the general public aims to use plastic and fishing nets discarded in the seas and oceans. An essential gesture to help clean up the world's waters. Econyl is fully recyclable, a material of first choice that won over the creators of Luz for the creation of their bath line.

But the brand has also chosen a more humanly just production with working conditions to European standards and fair wages. Because fashion does not stop at the manufacture and sale of clothing, Luz wanted to surround itself with partners who share the same values and who align themselves for the respect of the environment.

The friend of the female body

Being eco-friendly isn't just about producing clothes that are only responsible; it is also a question of being close to the woman who comes to choose her swimsuit. Because all women are different and unique, Luz offers a wide choice of shapes and colors for ever more exceptional and modern models.

If all categories of swimwear are represented at Luz, that of the one-piece remains the flagship asset of the brand. With geometric shapes modernized to play with sensuality, Luz's one-piece shows that it is not necessary to reveal one's body to be sexy and beautiful. Indeed, it is enough to choose which piece of skin to reveal and thus play brilliantly with chic and sexy. The one-piece swimsuit allows all women to find a shoe at their feet, going to both large and small, voluptuous curves and those who have less, while valuing sportswomen. Women in all their diversity are represented through products that adapt to morphologies and differences. The varied colors allow the multitude of complexions to find products that match and highlight the various skins.

Luz accompanies the woman in her choice by respecting the desires and needs specific to each. Whether you want to focus on your chest, hips or belly or you want to reveal your figure with subtlety, Luz offers swimsuits made for all cases.

A piece that has become a must in the dressing room, which can be worn both on the beach and in the street under raw jeans embellished with accessories.

Clients, but especially representatives

Luz wanted to stay close to her customers by making them the ambassadors of the jerseys. Thus, she uses her social networks to share photos of her customers wearing their piece to show the diversity of products, but especially to stay close to customers. A way also to show that there is no physical barrier to wearing a one-piece from Luz. All women are Luz women.
Luz an eco-friendly brand that reinvents swimsuit fashion through unique one-piece pieces to accompany women on summer walks. Respectful of the environment and the human, wearing a swimsuit Luz has made the choice of a reasoned fashion.

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