History to shine with a thousand lights on the beach or by the pool!

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So as not to make the wrong type of swimsuit depending on the complexion of your skin !

History to shine with a thousand lights on the page or by the pool !


Ideally, as with any garment, certain colors, certain shapes suit us preferentially. The swimsuit is no exception to this law, and we will guide you to find the beachwear that will suit you best according to your skin tone!

Very white skin, tanning with difficulty

Your complexion is blonde, red, with a porcelain complexion, very pale, milky. Your epidermis tans little or then badly, and turns more to redness. So, you need a jersey to highlight yourself, and for that we opt for a marked difference between the color of the fabric and the skin. Opt for dark tones, called cold : black, brown, deep blue. We also dare the fir greens, the plum, the burgundy red. On the other hand, out pastel colors, natural such as beige, white, straw yellow, peach or pink layette. Exit also the too flash, the fluorescent that could make you appear very " red ".

We offer you the Luz " Rebecca " models delighting two pieces blue and black, or " Sib " for a swimsuit one piece brown ultra chic.


The risk for you is the little sunburn. Your complexion is clear, but not totally milky. You are dark blonde or chestnut. You tame the sun, but the tan is light, and sometimes long to get. A bit like very light skin, you will choose a jersey that breaks your skin line with contrasting tones: black, navy, purple, dark red. You can try pastel, but with patterns, not flat ; for example pink vichy, geometric peach, pale green. But especially not a beige bikini... You would go unnoticed !

In our ranges of ethical and aesthetic swimsuits , we have found for you the model " Ju ", an incredible classic black piece , or " Aurélie " in two-piece version, black and khaki, for a modern, sporty and feminine silhouette!

Skin haled, golden

Your skin is rather clear but it quickly captures the sun. So your tan is light, golden, uniform and without redness. Your hair in general is dark brown to brown. We suggest a strategy at the beginning of sunbathing, then, in the middle of summer, already tanned ! At first, a dark colored jersey for the same reasons of visual balance as light skin. Then, with a barely dark caramel body... you can wear everything! Warm colors, cold, pastel, nude, neon, colorblock, with patterns... You can try everything, the result will always be superb. However, with a burnished body the most beautiful contrast will be that of a very light jersey, even white, or in a sparkling tone!

" Lorène " is an ideal  Luz model : two fresh pieces in sand and anise colours. A real breath of tender sweetness! Or, if you prefer the one-piece, the " Do " jersey offers a geometric look filled with pep with orange, red and khaki !

Matte to black skin

No sunburn for you ; your complexion is panted almost all year round, your complexion is chocolate, dark caramel, mixed-race or very matte from birth. In short, you have a " good looking " complexion 365 days a year (what a chance !). As a result, everything is possible for you when it comes to swimsuits ! The ideal however is the colored jersey to bring out the complexion of your skin. For the more matte, the pearly white swimsuit will still be the perfect attitude ! Bright tones, graphics, deep blues or soft greens, anything is possible.

Luz has thought of you with her " Mimi " models, an angelic white two-piece , to die for when you are perfectly tanned. And the " Maya " model, a red, white and khaki piece, to make you notice everywhere this summer !

That's it ! Make good use of these tips and have a great summer everyone !

Luz'ement yours !

Briller de mille feux avec Luz Collection

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