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Can you introduce yourself and tell us about your brand?

I am Sibylle de Tavernost and I created Maison S

Maison S is a couture and custom decorating brand launched in June 2017. It puts personalization, handmade and craftsmanship at the heart of its DNA. The creations are all handmade with a unique know-how. They are rugs, furniture (dining room table, coffee tables, consoles, chairs, armchairs) and small decoration (cushions, plaids, placemats etc). All the pieces are full of history and have a contemporary and nomadic design

What made you want to start your own business and what inspires you?

I love to travel and discover other cultures. I have always been attracted by decorative objects and raw materials. I spent 8 years in product development around perfume and I felt the need to feed my creativity by leading my own adventure. Among my greatest inspirations, I would mention Africa, its landscapes, its smells, its customs & arts, its materials, its 'land of fire and aridity' which inspire me a lot in my furniture creations and the choice of materials
India and Nepal are also part of the DNA of the brand because it is there that our workshops are located for the carpets. They have a great ancestral know-how in weaving. As for the designs that can be found on the carpets, they were inspired by the paintings of my grandfather, who drew his inspiration from artists such as Picasso, Kandinsky or Miró.
I wanted to enter the world of design by bringing a certain sensitivity, emotion and humanity. This is the challenge and the vision that Maison S has given itself and working with different cultures on a daily basis brings me a nice balance

How do you know the Luz brand and what does it evoke in you?

Luz was put together by my best friend, Claire. We were living in Argentina in 2008 when Claire developed her eco-awareness. At the time, she was doing an internship in a fair trade and organic products company. It was very precursory at a time when organic was not so fashionable and consciences were not so awake. It is from this first experience that her idea of creating an eco-responsible project and entrepreneurial. Luz is for me a precursor in terms of eco-responsible fashion. She also has a very feminine and modern universe that has shaken up the great classics of swimwear, both in materials and in designs

What is your eco-responsible ritual ?

I never buy a bottle of water. I only use carafes or a large bottle that I fill with tap water, which I then filter. I also try within Maison S i also try to develop a responsible conscience: we use a lot of natural material scraps to make our carpets, I only make cushions with fabric scraps so in limited editions and I try to make my furniture with existing wood scraps or from a controlled and responsible production

What is your next destination in the sun?

I am going to Namibia with my family this winter. I think the landscapes are breathtaking! Another great inspiration for Maison S..

And which Luz jersey will you take with you?

The Bb of course!

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