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    Amandine Dupuis
    Published : 10/10/2018 | Categories : Fashion

    The Luz team had the chance to spend a little time with Amandine Dupuis, creator of the handbag brand Gratianne Bascans. Come and discover his exclusive interview.

    Jennifer Dimitriou
    Published : 06/6/2018

    Last week, we had the chance to meet Jennifer Dimitriou at our premises. Teacher of yoga, pilates and floor bar, she applies as well to her professional life

    Irina Lazareanu
    Published : 05/2/2018

    Irina Lazareanu, Canadian model and singer invited us to share with her a wonderful moment of life. Irina fell in love with the black Audrey body ...

    Phil an Diva
    Published : 03/23/2018

    Leaving their urban jobs to pursue their dream of sailing and living freely on the ocean: Philippe Estiot and Iva Aguëro aka PhilandIva did it.

    Charlotte Husson
    Published : 03/8/2018

    Charlotte Husson, freelance illustrator and stylist has created two startups in order to give meaning to what does not always have meaning.

    Jade Leboeuf
    Published : 01/10/2018 | Categories : Fashion

    Jade Leboeuf, famous blogger of "La plume de Jade" who has just joined the influencer agency J-LINK, did us the honor of inviting us into her Parisian universe.

    They Call Me Mellie
    Published : 11/15/2017

    Amélia, famous blogger aka They Call Me Mellie did us the honor of opening the doors of her intimacy

    Manon Durst
    Published : 11/8/2017

    Winter is fast approaching and Manon Durst, famous blogger known as Which Clothes Today, did us the honor of welcoming us to her home to discover the collection of Luz bodysuits

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