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Beryl De Laboucherie

Why did you decide to embark with Claire, co-founder of LUZ, in the entrepreneurial adventure?

Claire and I were friends from school at EDHEC.
A few years after starting to work, we asked ourselves questions about our future: with our experiences, Claire in sustainable development and on my side in department store fashion, we wanted to create products that look like us, that speak to our generation, but especially ecological and organic products.
This was quite an innovative idea 8 years ago because brands were not yet positioning themselves in the niche of responsible development. So we made a crazy bet, which few of our loved ones believed, but of which we are so proud today!

What is your favorite jersey at LUZ?

Hard to choose one, I love them all. But now that I've started surfing and protecting myself even more from the sun, I'd lean towards the CLARA tricolor wetsuit.
When did you become ecologically aware? I think she came thanks to Claire and our LUZ adventure 8 years ago. Claire was the first to raise my awareness of the issue and over time, the more interested I became, the more I felt it was necessary to invest myself in the virtuous circle of responsible development.

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Is ecology a family affair?

Yes! And LUZ too is a family story! First the one we created Claire and I at the very beginning, then that of Claire and her sister Alix who joined the LUZ adventure very quickly to develop it and do what the brand is today! At home, I try to educate everyone to produce less waste, I use Loop (a service to deliver everyday products in returnable and durable containers) for many of my errands to recycle as much as possible, and I avoid plastics.
What counts is not to be perfect because it is very difficult but to act at best according to our constraints, every gesture counts!

Where do you like to spend your holidays?

I like to spend my holidays in France, in summer the climate is perfect and in winter I like the dry cold of the mountains. On vacation, you don't leave without.... Sunscreen, winter and summer. A good book and my whole family: my husband, my children and my dog!

Is taking care of yourself important?

It's important to dedicate time, to listen to your body and your limits! Yet with the life we lead when we work and have children it is not always easy. For my part, I try to take 2 hours for myself every Sunday to do sports, a massage or other! But a time just for me!

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