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The eco-responsible wardrobe does not stop at everyday clothes!

At Luz, this is what we believe, and we did not want to stay on our achievements and offer only swimsuits either.

We have chosen to use our two flagship materials, organic cotton and econyl to accompany your sporting life.

Dressing for sports has long been a matter of practicality and not aesthetics. Nowadays, the sports locker room is reinventing itself.

The practice of sport allows you to feel good in your body and mind, so what could be better than wearing eco-responsible pieces ?

At Luz, active wear allows us to highlight our colorful universe and offer our comfortable and resistant eco-responsible materials for the practice of sport. These beautiful materials allow a longer life to clothes.
Putting forward a slow fashion, that is to say a fashion that does not push our customers to always buy more without counting, and to have wardrobes overflowing with clothes that are little or not worn.

Our sportswear is not created as part of a seasonality, all our stocks are kept until exhaustion, because we are against waste.

Moreover, it is not only our materials that are eco-responsible but also the factories that manufacture them. They are located in the European Union. They are ethical because they respect the well-being of their employees and do not use chemicals.

The production line respects all standards and labels (GOTS, Oeko Tex) set up to create products that respect the environment and humans.

For indoor sports, at home or outdoors, we offer all types of models.
They meet the desires of consumers to have beautiful brassières with good support and matching leggings with a flattering design to practice yoga, dance, cardio bar, fitness or tennis.
Our sweatshirts are also important in our range to practice a sports activity in all seasons.
We have also added cyclists to the range to please this trend, and shorts will soon be available for your sporty summers!

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