Cette période spéciale et inédite est ACCÉLÉRATRICE DE DÉCISIONS : continuer, arrêter, changer, prendre le temps, se recentrer.... en tous les cas, s'ADAPTER.

Plusieurs projets ont été reportés à horizon 2021 et nous avons réagi et repensé notre plan commercial et stratégique.

Néanmoins, la stratégie digitale déjà mise en place a fait ses preuves, nos ventes d'Active Wear recyclés Online ont triplé et nous observons un regain d'intérêt pour notre marque dont l'ADN responsable et engagé est aujourd'hui plus impactant que jamais.

Force de ce constat, Luz renforce ses actions Eco responsables au travers de sa stratégie digitale.

This special and unprecedented period is ACCELERATING DECISIONS: to continue, to stop, to change, to take time, to refocus... in any case, to ADAPT.

Several projects have been postponed until 2021 and we have reacted and rethought our commercial and strategic plan.

Nevertheless, the digital strategy already in place has proved its worth, our sales of recycled Active Wear Online have tripled and we are seeing renewed interest in our brand, whose responsible and committed DNA is today more impactful than ever.

In light of this, Luz is strengthening its eco-responsible actions through its digital strategy.

We have therefore chosen to do things differently and to launch an ULULE campaign in order to produce just, without surplus, without overstock.
This collection planned for the autumn of 2020 is offered exclusively to you, at a preferential price in pre-order for delivery in July.
Thanks to you, we will produce the right quantities and create a new and more transparent link in our production cycle.

As always, our ecological commitment is there, for more information I invite you to go directly to the page : en.ulule.com/luzcollections